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Thomas Dwight Aderhold, 73, formerly of Beaufort, South Carolina, passed away peacefully on Thursday morning, February 18, 2021, in Savannah, Georgia.

Dwight was a United States Air Force veteran. He retired from the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency where he worked for over 30 years, serving in embassies around the world.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Thomas Dwight Aderhold, Sr. and Bebe Joy Jones Aderhold.

Survivors include his sister, Deb Aderhold Webb and her husband, Paul, of Savannah; his brother, David Aderhold of Leesburg, Virginia; two nieces, Kristen Webb Gissy (Matt) of Beaufort, South Carolina and Alison Webb Masserman (Oren) of Maui, Hawaii; grand nephews, Carver and Hux Masserman of Maui, Hawaii.

A memorial service will be held at a time and date to be announced.

In lieu of flowers, the family suggests memorials to Friends of Caroline Hospice – 1110 13th Street, Port Royal, South Carolina 29935 (

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  1. Mary Hope Roseneau says:

    I remember Dwight’s big friendly smile! We lived next door and my parents enjoyed having him come over, sit on the porch, and tell all about the exciting places he had been all over the world with the government. My mother would love to offer him something to eat to make him stay longer. He brought them a lot of joy with his visits, especially as they got older. I also recall how much Dwight loved to bowl and how good he was at it. RIP Dwight and much love to his family.

  2. Connie Foutz Hipp says:

    Sorry to hear about Dwight’s passing. Although I have not seen him in many years -I remember him from our old neighborhood when we were growing up.

  3. Connie McCutcheon Pinckney says:

    Bebe Joy, Tom and their family were part of my life from my earliest memories. Both Bebe and Tom were from the same small Alabama town as my folks — Bebe in my dad’s high school graduation class and Tom joining the Marines as Dad did. My 2 brothers and I grew up with Dwight, David and Debbie going to church, school and playing together. Debbie loved Barbies. David comforted me when I returned to Beaufort after a year of numerous moves to take chemistry midyear without even being introduced to the table of elements. Dwight gave me a lift to Sunday night youth group. I was shy and quiet, but not with Dwight. I loved to tease him and would infuriate him then burst out laughing. I’d take an opposite viewpoint in a discussion whether or not I believed it for the pure joy of arguing with him. Dwight was passionate. He could become loudly vocal and rarely conceded defeat. I was more myself with Dwight during those conversations than most anywhere else. Later, he’d share with me his highs and lows, his hopes and dreams on the rare occasions we saw one another in later years. What a wonderful gift he gave to me. Dwight not only listened, he heard me. We talked about a myriad of subjects. I felt safe with him. Sending love to David, Debbie and their families, rejoicing in the life and wonderful person of their older brother, Dwight.

  4. Cynthia Hughes says:

    My memories of Dwight were as the protector. He was protector of his country and his loved ones. I can still see him leading a travel group of 4 taxis down a very dusty road to Darjeeling, India. As the dust settled Dwight appeared and waved us onward. Dwight also enjoyed bowling and playing golf. Dwight was a special person who should have lived much longer.

  5. Dave and Judy Losleben says:

    Our dear friend has departed this earth. We are saddened by his absence. We knew each other since the early 70’s during his overseas tours in the Defense Department. What a bowler, so smooth, with a mighty delivery. It was a pleasure to be on his team as the handicap. We shared sports together when we could. He was a book of knowledge about football and supported his South Carolina teams with a passion from every corner of the world. His skill and knowledge of his job in the Defense Department was superior and he took a back seat to no one. He was always there and we could count on his strength and opinion when any discussion came up. He was full of life. One loving memory of Dwight was when we were overseas watching TV. There was a word game of Early English words. You were given three definitions and you had to choose the correct one. The word was “sprunny” and the meaning was ” a term of endearment”. From that day forward we were sprunny1 & sprunny2 with Dwight being sprunny3. Whenever we corresponded after that moment we would be “sprunnies” to each other. We will miss you dearly our beloved sprunny. Whether at the bowling alley, the Pizza Hut, the Chinese restaurants or our son’s wedding, he was a presence, laughing and enjoying life with all in attendance. He was a southern gentleman and a dear friend. Now when I hear thunder, I will think that he is bowling another strike for the heavenly team. Rest in Peace.

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