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Jesse Hannah Follett, 24, of Savannah, Georgia, died Wednesday morning, September 8, 2021, at her home.

Funeral arrangements are incomplete and will be announced by Gamble Funeral Service – 410 Stephenson Avenue.

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  1. Dina Boies says:

    Gods plan
    God always has a plan..A plan I do not understand.
    As I try and understand how it is that his plan that took such a special woman so soon.
    I think:

    If I only had a few one more moment
    I would be able to say all the things I want to say

    I never got another chance to tell you how much you mean to me
    Or that you had a incredible spirit

    How I admired your dedication to your family
    How I was overwhelmed by your courage
    How my day was brightened from your laugh

    If I only had a few more minutes
    I would take you to breakfast one more time
    I’d tell you how much I will miss you
    I would give you one more hug
    I’d kiss you on your forehead
    And thank you for your love

    If I only have a few more minutes
    I’d tell you how I wish I spent more time
    I would tell you that you are a precious gift from God 
    I’d listen to SoulShine with you
    I’d tell you that it’s okay

    If I only a few more more minutes
    I’d thank you for your courage
    I would thank you for your humor
    Most of all I thank you for your memories

    I do not know Gods plan of how soon it would be
    Before I knew it God had called you home
    But you didn’t leave us alone
    We are here with the time you spent
    We are here with Your memories
    We are here with your love

    We are here with your spirit 
    continuing to be by our side watching over us
    our angel

    Your grand smile and infectious laugh, 
    Made all the difference in our day

    I wish everyone on earth could have met a young lady like you.

  2. Becky flowers says:

    Jesse, my niece. My memories of you are of you as a young child. Those big beautiful eyes, always so full of wonder and love. Those memories are the Jesse I choose to remember. You grew up into a beautiful young lady. I pray that you enjoy eternal peace, and know that you were loved by so many. You will be missed so much. Rest in peace, Jesse.

  3. Giuliano Concas says:

    This is to the person that means the most to me in this life and any other, my rock, my ride or die, my Heart, my best friend, my happy place, the love of my life and ever more Jesse Follett I miss you sooo so much but I know you are in a better place looking down and just so full of joy and happiness. you are an amazing person stubborn as can be but always brought happiness when you entered the room and smiles to everyones faces. We made so many memories together and Those memories we made, the pictures we took will be cherished forever and live on I can assure you, Even though you aren’t here with us right now I know you are in spirit watching us achieve new things. If I only had a few more minutes I’d tell you how much I miss you I would give you one more hug and I would tell you that you’re soul shined and that you are definitely a godsent.

    I’ll miss you dearly until I see u again.
    That smile will always live on in my heart. Rest in peace my love

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