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Brian Kenworthy, 77, died Friday morning, April 16, 2021, at home after a short illness.

He was born in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Northern England in 1944. Brian started his career as an Aeronautical Engineer at age 19 as a student apprentice at BAC Warton in England. He lived and worked in Germany, Italy and Canada before becoming a United States citizen. Brian worked at Northrop Grumman on Long Island. Northrop Grumman sent him to a “temporary” job at Gulfstream and he settled in Savannah for the remainder of his life. He was a mentor to many aspiring young engineers. Brian was “old school” and hands-on. He considered engineering to be an art form. After retiring, he continued to work as a consultant designated engineer for the FAA.

An avid skier, sailor and cyclist, Brian took up running in his 50’s. He ran a marathon at age 60 and continued to run half marathons and local races, winning numerous awards.

In his early 70’s, he took an item off his bucket list by completing in eleven days the “Coast to Coast” walk in England, hiking on his own.

Brian had a longtime love for jazz and classical music. He sang for many years with the Savannah Symphony Chorus and, until the pandemic hit, with the Savannah Philharmonic Orchestra. Brian also “tread the boards” in his 50’s with several starring roles in Asbury Theatre’s Gilbert and Sullivan productions.

He leaves behind his wife, Brenda Bloom Kenworthy of Savannah; sister, Anne Fowler (Doug), nephew Damen Fowler and niece Ruth Fowler (Craig Timmons), all of Fleetwood, England; brother-in-law, Harold Bloom (Linda) of Athens, Georgia, and sister-in-law, Judy Bloom of Savannah.

You are invited to view Brian’s memorial service by clicking here.

Remembrances: The Humane Society for Greater Savannah – 7215 Sallie Mood Drive, Savannah, Georgia 31406-3922.

Online Condolences

  1. Scott Maher says:

    We were so saddened to hear of Brian’s passing. I have worked with Brian on and off since starting with Gulfstream back in 1994. Brian was a fine engineer and such a fun person to work with. We are so sorry for your loss and you are in our prayers. We are out of town until April 26th but hope we connect again soon.
    Scott and Liz Maher

  2. james & virginia cule says:

    I’m disappointed Brian will not be available this christmas to meet up again. As you likely know, Brian & I worked closely together at Gulfstream. I can not say enough about how easier my days at work were with Brian sharing my cube. Brian had a way of looking at the workday as well as life a little lighter than most. I was grateful to have known him, worked with him, and finally becoming friends with a true colleague. Brian was inspirational to me in moving on. My son also spoke fondly of Brian & if you know my son, that complement does not come easily. I wish there was more I could say or do to ease your loss, but I know I can’t. Brian will be missed by many in my family, such a grear engineer, scientist, colleague, & friend. I hope if you’re around, we could meet up this December as we plan on coming to Savannah for Christmas this year,
    sincerely & bummed,
    James & Virginia Cule

  3. Larry Pike says:

    I had only recently gotten to know Brian through our being neighbors at Tybee. Generally he could be found washing his car, although he DID take some time to lie out in sun in the yard and relax a bit!! I will miss his always jovial greeting. My condolences to Brenda.

  4. Chris McCoy says:


    We are so very sad our friend Brian has passed. I began working with Brian 25 years ago at Gulfstream. He was an accomplished engineer whose work I greatly respected. But even more important, Brian was always welcoming outside of work, opening the door to our friendship. I will remember his big laughter and even bigger smile. We will miss him.

  5. Billy Hester says:

    So sorry to hear that our Modern Major General has sailed on.
    Brenda, our prayers are with you and all of Brian’s family. I will be forever grateful for the fun, professionalism, and friendship Brian brought to our productions…and especially appreciate him being part of the first cast of Asbury’s very first production, “The Pirates of Penzance” in 1994. We will greatly miss his spirit and look forward to a glad reunion with him one day.
    3 cheers for our Modern Major General & a very special personL
    Hip hip hooray!
    Hip hip hooray!!

    Love & Blessings,
    Rev. Billy Hester & the Staff of Asbury Memorial Church

    Hip hip hooray!!!

  6. Heather, Joe and Austin says:

    Broken hearted! Much love to you sweet Brenda!

  7. Helen Salata says:

    So sorry for your loss Brenda. Please let me know if you need anything. As you know I have recently been in your shoes. You and the family are in my prayers.


  8. Don Stuber says:

    I always enjoyed working with Brian which took place over many years at Gulfstream and a short time at Honda Aircraft Company. I will miss him. Brenda, my thoughts and prayers are with you and family. Don Stuber

  9. Frank and Tammy Simmons says:

    I have known Brian probably over 30 years – working with him on several different projects throughout that time. Throughout all of that time, he was always the true professional and gentleman. And throughout those years, when I needed help, I could turn to Brian, for he had become my rock, always there, always ready to help in any way he could. I will miss the invigorating discussions that he and I had when we were together. I will miss him.
    Frank Simmons

    Brian was a true “southern gentleman” with a cool British accent. He always made you feel like you were the most important person in the room.
    Tammy Simmons

  10. Bob Hodges says:

    Brenda, I am so sorry for your loss. Brian added so much to life at Gulfstream. A great classical stress analyst, with skills that could simplify complex problems, but it was his personality that put so much life in a technical world. I had a desk next to Brian my first day at work in 1992. He put me at ease immediately. We worked side by side through many of the years since and he was always the professional, gracious, humorous, and welcoming engineer he was on that first day. He will be missed by many.

  11. Arnold and Arlene Coleman says:

    We are so sorry to hear of your loss .Please accept our sincere condolences.
    Arnold and Arlene Coleman

  12. Ross Osborne says:

    Like all of the other Gulfstream Stress Guys, I really enjoyed working with Brian and getting to spend some evenings with him at the original Churchill’s. His hand written analysis was as much art as science. I could listen to Brian speak for hours and always enjoyed his stories. One that I remember was about the time he spent with some Russian engineers working on their certification (it must have been on a GIV variant a “long” time ago). After sharing some (maybe much) Vodka with them and getting friendly, they gave Brian one of their stress analysis books as a present. Sure enough, it had the Lockheed Tension Fitting Analysis Method in it, too, just like everybody else! We will miss you, Brian.
    Ross and Jennie Osborne

  13. Tony Cross says:

    I met Brian in 1997 shortly after moving to Savannah from UK. Tremendous fun guy and always great company. Loads of us would meet at the Exchange Tavern on Sunday lunchtime for great company and conversation-we all miss that and him.
    You will have been welcomed in Heaven as a “Good Man”

  14. Eve Patrick says:

    So sorry for your loss Brenda. Brian immediately came over when we first moved in to 3 Northshore on Tybee. He was extremely friendly and jovial. When we saw him, he would be relaxing in the sun in the backyard.
    Taken too soon.

  15. Rich Kugel says:

    Always helpful and flashing a smile, Brian was one of the ties back to the Bethpage Stress group that I joined in ’85. He was kind, courteous and always willing to sit for a spell and share a few words, whether it be at work or when running into him downtown. You made a difference and I’m glad that I had the chance to know you. I pray for Peace and Understanding for your family and loved ones.

  16. Bill Herderich says:

    So sorry to hear about Brian. I’ve been his DER advisor at the FAA for over a decade. He’s been a wonderful engineer, trusted resource for the FAA, and a friend. I’ll miss our conversations discussing all the various projects he got himself into. Godspeed Brian.

  17. Jack Caughron says:

    We are so very sorry for your loss Brenda. Lisa and I have many fond memories of Brian over the years, both at Gulfstream and away from work. Brian was a true English gentleman, a Renaissance man in the truest sense of the word. We shall not see his like again. Brian will be sorely missed.

    Jack and Lisa Caughron

  18. Vernon Robinson says:

    I first met Brian in Montreal. We were relatively new immigrants from the UK in the mid 70’s. In fact he, and another ex-Brit and I shared a house in our bachelor years. Weekends were spent at Jay Peak, Vermont. As with most people we move on and lose touch. But in September 2019 Intershack (google it) celebrated a 50th Anniversary and folks from all over gathered together again at Jay. What a re-union it was. Brian and Brenda were there all the way from Savannah. It meant so much to many of us to see you both. Life is short but memories are forever.

  19. Anne and Bill Goss says:

    We were so sad and shocked to hear of Brian’s passing and your loss, Brenda. Spent many great, hilarious weekends at Jay Peak in Brian’s company especially Burns Nights. You were lovely, generous hosts during our wee visit to Savannah a few years ago and we were all delighted to enjoy your company at Intershack 50th reunion. As Vern says, memories are forever and what happy ones we share.

  20. Claire Nagel Sillitoe says:

    I’m so very sorry to hear of Brian’s passing. I had the pleasure of working with him for several years at Gulfstream and enjoyed every minute of time spent in his company.

  21. Daniel Metts says:

    Dear Mrs. Kenworthy
    I had the pleasure of working with Brian on several occasions during my 26 years working in Gulfstream Technical Operations dept. Brian was always a very friendly and professional engineer. He was always willing to help out in any way he could. Many time engineering are not very easy to work with from my prospective as a Aircraft Mechanic. I saw in outside the job several times also, He was always a very friendly. One time we were called for Jury duty here in Savannah and we talked as we waited for the judge to come and instruct the jurors, When the old hymn was played after the judge spoke to us Brian and I got very quiet, I think we were remined out our duty to do justly toward our fellow man. May God comfort the family as you morn this great loss.

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