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Ivan Eduardo Cobos, 20, of Savannah, Georgia, died Monday morning, February 24, 2020, at Memorial University Medical Center.

Funeral arrangements are incomplete and will be announced by Gamble Funeral Service – 410 Stephenson Avenue.

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  1. Maria & Israrel Martinez says:

    A la familia de Ivan les queremos decir que sentimos mucho el fallecimiento de su hijo, hermano, primo, etc. No tenemomos palabras para aliviar su dolor, solo les queremos decir que cunten con nosotros en lo que necesiten. El tiempo es el unico que les puede brindar sociego y acceptancion y por eso estamos horando.. Por favor recuerden que Ivan, de una manera u otra toco los corazones the muchos, inclullendo nuestra familia. Fue un gran amigo para mi hijo Joshua. Les queremos mucho.

    TRANSLATED: We want to tell Ivan’s family that we are very sorry for the death of their son, brother, cousin, etc. We have no words to relieve your pain, we just want to tell you to meet with us in whatever you need. Time is the only one that can give you society and acceptance and that is why we are waiting .. Please remember that Ivan, in one way or another touched the hearts of many, including our family. He was a great friend to my son Joshua. We love you so much.

  2. Elizabeth Becerra says:

    You could often read people’s energies in a room full of people. Energy never lies or dies. When I read Ivan’s energy, it never has once lied to me. When Ivan walked into a room. No matter how dark & gloomy the room may be, he has always gave off a light whenever he walked in. & so His energy will never die. I’ve met some of the purest people in my life, some of the most loving & caring souls not a lot but enough. It’s enough to know we’re in the world & not of it. It’s people like that. That make you never regret having a pure heart, no matter how many other people show you otherwise. Ivan was one of those people in my life. He has always been a dear to me, always being a selfless person & a true sweetheart. He has been my shoulder to lean on at times, he’s been there for me just like I have been there for him. & It’s has been nothing but love & support between him & I. Ivan was one of my loved ones. We both shared the same passion for soccer. But Ivan, you were something else out there out on the field. You were always an excellent player. You were always gifted & creative. You were always passionate & humble. You always showed how it’s done. You were always dedicated. You were always rising & grinding. You would always push yourself to wake up bright & early 6am sharp just to train yourself at times. You would always play your heart out when it came to the game of soccer. It was naturally in your blood. You always talked about how you wanted to become a professional soccer player. & you were so visionary about for your future. You didn’t just dream about success, you worked for it. Your body was literally telling you what your passions were. You went after what gave you goosebumps. & that was soccer. & I always reminded you that I believed in my heart & gut that this will take you to places you never imagined before. Whatever you manifest, it’ll all come to you. To keep going, don’t let anything or anybody stop you. Bc I believed in you Ivan. We all believed in you. You were truly committed. I saw it in you. We all saw it in you. It hurts me that you’re gone.. it all hurts us..time may heal the anguish of the wound, but the loss cannot be repaired. You’re Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts. When you lose someone you love, you gain angel you know. & so We all gained an angel & thats you. I know you’re in a better place doing what you love now & that’s soccer. Soccer ⚽️was always your happy place. We love you Ivan. ♥️Until we meet again my dear friend. With love, from Elizabeth Becerra.

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